Mint stats are unique tool to provide additional insight to the performance of Cronos NFT project's mint. All listed Cronos NFT projects in our directory are being reflected in Mint Stats with updated data daily. To learn more about the project's mint performance, simply click the project's card to open details about it's mint including length. Please note that this is our Beta launch - kindly use at your own discretion. NFTs with the "Verifeyed" label are authenticated against a mint hash list submitted by collections via our creator portal, while NFTs labelled as "Unverifeyed" belong to collections that are either pending verification or has not met our verification requirements. DigitalEyes. DigitalEyes is Solana’s First Open NFT Marketplace where users can able to create, sell and buy Solana’s NFT. The top NFT collection of DigitalEyes is Aurory, Degenerate Ape Academy, Frakt, and Galactic Gecko Space Garage. With the Mint Calendar, you can able to see the upcoming NFT Drops and Launches. 6. SolPort. Source: SolPort is a Solana NFT marketplace that claims it is the “most complete marketplace on Solana.”. The SolPort platform is unique among NFT marketplaces in that it states it’s intent is not to focus on money, but rather to “ build the best possible product for people to use. The Mint Solana NFT Collage maker helps you easily make a collage of your favorite NFTs on Magic Eden. Instead of saving pictures and manually creating a collage to show off on Twitter or Discord, just use our simple tool which will do it for you. Install our extension, go to your wallet on Magic Eden, flip the switch at the bottom right. Jul 30, 2022. DeadDegens is a collection of 4444 generative nfts with hundreds of elements on the Solana Blockchain. Each Dead Degen has its own rarity. Our main goal is to build one of the most united and strong communities, making important decisions in the use of utilities and together being a true OG community. Add to Calendar 2022-05-28 00:00:00 2022-06-30 00:00:00 Sentoki FREE MINT. WHAT IS SENTOKI NFT COLLECTION'S PURPOSE? Sentoki is a collection of 2888 Sentoki NFT's - unique digital fighters of Curses residing on the Solana Blockchain. Your Sentoki doubles. Jul 20, 2022 - Jul 27, 2022. The Solana blockchain is the baking ground for Retro Slices, which are hand-drawn NFTs that are one-of-a-kind digital pizza collectibles. NFT Sol Calendar: Never miss a mint on Solana. The NFT Sol Calendar is a helpful resource for those looking to collect NFTs from the Solana blockchain. This website provides a calendar of NFT drops, as well as a filtering system to help you find the NFTs you’re looking for. NFTs on the NFT Sol Calendar are announced through Twitter, so you. Jul 30, 2022. DeadDegens is a collection of 4444 generative nfts with hundreds of elements on the Solana Blockchain. Each Dead Degen has its own rarity. Our main goal is to build one of the most united and strong communities, making important decisions in the use of utilities and together being a true OG community. The latest Tweets from SOLANA NFT MARKET PLACE (Free Mint) (@SolNFTMarket). We are going to launch an NFT market place on #solana with many great features and also our 10000 NFTs minting. Solana. Cool Cats Solana are a collection of programmatically random-generated NFTs on the Solana blockchain. The 1st generation consists of 3,333 randomly assembled Cats from over 300,000 total options. Cool Cats Solana have a variety of outfits, faces, and colors. Each Cool Cat consists of a unique body, hat, face, and outfit–the possibilities are. Sol Demons is a Solana NFT project. 8888 Sol Demons have been created and each one is an entry for 1 vote into our DAO. DAO will be in control of a community wallet that will have a percent of mint, future mints, and royalties deposited into it. Community Wallet will also have 10 Solsand NFTs, 1 Crypto Gang NFT, 1 Metavillage NFTand more from. The extinction fighterz cubz collections, the sons and daughter of the extinction fighterz, is a collection made of 7.800 pieces: 3.900 of them are potentially redeemable for free by the holderz of a couple of Extinction fighters. The remaining pieces will be up for mint at a price of 5 MATIC, a price decided by our community. Check our Free Calendar and stay on top of upcoming mints and NFT events. ... Mini Valley #solana is the RPG world that our free-to-play play-&-earn games will be based on and take place within. ... FREE MINT AUGUST 7 DAILY WHITELIST GIVEAWAYS 5555 OG COLLECTION YoSkulls NFT is a collection of 5555 hand-drawn unique PFPs minting for FREE on. 6 Free Months: Limited time offer available to new Mint Mobile subscribers who port-in their number and purchase an eligible device and 12-month data plan. "6 months free" applied as $90 discount for all eligible phone + plan bundles (equivalent to approx. 6 months' worth of 4GB/mo plan at 12-month rate). A 2222 Mischief of Magpies is coming to Solana, bringing with them incredible utility, airdrops, and much more to innovate the NFT space. BUY ON MAGIC EDEN. ... We also have plans for a free Mint that will bring in new people to our community. Rarity. Each NFT is algorithmically generated by combining 150+ unique traits across different. Solana. Solana Underdogs is a collection of 2222 Underdogs coming to take over the Solana network! This project revolves around building the most stable, low-entry staking project hence why the mint is only .33 sol and .25 sol for WL. Once the mint funds will be collected, this money will be invested into bluechip staking collections of the. Mint Price: 0.25 SOL. Platform: Add to Calendar 2021-11-16 00:00:00 Solana Windows. 5,000 unique Window NFTs. The Solana Window collection is a one-of-a-kind digital collection of NFTs stored on the Solana Blockchain. Our mission with Solana Windows is to create a long term value for holders which we plan to do through utility, rewarding. The latest Tweets from Solana Mystery Box | Merging preview LIVE (@mysterysolbox). Discord: Litepaper: Reveal: https. ‎Mica is the Solana NFT mint calendar. Never miss a NFT mint date again. - Track Solana NFT Mint dates - See prices, mint dates, and nft supplies - Save favourite NFT Mints - Vote on every Mint. "/> rebuild engine without machine work; xigncode3 uninstall; michigan gravel series results. Meta Estates is a randomly generated NFT collection on the Solana blockchain designed by a professional architect. Each estate will take part in completing our Meta Neighborhood (coming soon!) ... We will host a fair mint (no whitelist) of 4,444 Meta Estates. The mint will go live on January 22nd at 9pm UTC and will close once all Estates have. Solana is the only cryptocurrency in the top 10 that continues to rally, despite the recent $300 billion fall in ... The mint price was only 6 SOL, and by the time it hit the floor, the value had more than doubled. Currently, it has a market cap of $241 million, with each Degenerate Ape selling for an average price of 129.7 SOL. Fill in all the asked details and your project will get placed on our Solana NFT Calendar. Submit Your Project. Never miss a mint on Solana! Sol NFTs Today keeps you updated with the most promising NFT projects released on Solana. Menu. Solana NFT Calendar; Explore Events; Submit A Project;. NFT Drops Zone is an online calendar platform that keeps you updated on the new and latest Non-Fungible Token (NFT) projects. We publish upcoming events and releases from open-source blockchains like Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, and Cardano. Your own mint calendar with votes! ... Robotos is a collection of 2,222 unique animated Botos with 100+ generated traits taking over Solana. Mint a Boto to build the Roboverse together! Roboverse is a micro-scheme based city where you can hang out with your Robotos and show of your NFT collections to your frens. Four body types and awesome. Jun 18, 2022 · Wealthy Wolves is a PFP project! 5,000 unique wolves are coming to Solana! Mint: June 20, 2022. Price: 0.25 SOL. Read More Satoshis legends. Jun 20, 2022 – Jun 27, 2022. Mint Calculator Chain Solana (SOL) 0% Green Satoshi Token (GST) 0% Green Metaverse Token (GMT) 0% Sneaker 1 Jogger Common Mint 0 / 7 Sneaker 2 Jogger Common. Tiger Legacy is an exclusive collection of 1111 Tiger NFTs on Solana. Our project has over 73 traits. With around 2B possibilities making YOUR cutie very unique. Owning a Tiger allowing you to participate in our DAO and gaining rights on future airdrops for FREE, which will include NFTs and a Tokens. Our mint date is the 9th of january 2022 and. The Best Solana NFT Calendar. Check out all the existing SOL NFT events with the most detailed information about the minting date, the NFT collection supply, and the price of minting. Don't forget to add all the desired Solana NFT Collections to your Google Calendar to be ready for Solana NFT Minting. Get most of your SOL. NFT Drop Calendar 2022 - Never miss upcoming NFT Drops and active NFT Events Today on our Free NFT Calendar. ... Home; Upcoming Drops; Today’s Drops; Submit Your NFT; SPONSORED EVENT. 6. Start in 1 day. Potato Punks. BLOCKCHAIN: Solana. MINT DATE: Jul 30, 2022. Potato Punks is an NFT collection of 150 handcrafted digital collectibles 🥔🥔. NFT Drop Calendar. Never miss the latest NFT drops again, let us do the hard-work, our team searches the net for the best upcoming NFT drops. We provide the NFT mint date, price of the NFT mint and further important details for the upcoming projects on our NFT Calendar. Ensure you check the NFT events Twitter and discord for the latest updates. Solana Candy Machine V2 + Candy Shop. This repo allows you to sell NFTs through Candy Machine V2 and host your own secondary marketplace with Candy Shop.. Candy Shop is a marketplace protocol & toolset with a full suite of data endpoints and command APIs to help users deliver a simplistic, seamless and efficient NFT marketplace experience. The Iconic Ape Club is a collection of 999 unique NFTs built on the Solana blockchain, the concept of the artistic designs is developed through hand-drawn depictions which are fed into the generative programming to make sure each ape is unique and pleasurable in its own way. $50 - Pinned placement till end of mint, after this moves to standard. $10 - Standard placement lasts forever. PLease fill the fileds to list your NFT. Fields with * are required ... SolCalendar is the best Solana NFT events calendar with the freshest NFT mintings, airdrops and detailed information about each project. Sitemap. Events. You can read below to get a concise review of which NFT Drops to Mint and why we have selected them. 1) Twisted Bears NFT Drop 2022: Best Ethereum-Based NFT. The First NFT Drop to watch out for in our NFT Calendar Listing is Twisted bears. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Twisted Bear is a collection of randomly generated 5,555 digital characters. . When is the mint date? Presale- 24 Feb 2022 Public- 25 Feb 2022. Where will the minting take place? On our official website, What is the mint price? 0.5 Presale. 0.6 PublicSale. What wallets are supported? All Solana Wallet. How can I get White-Listed? Join our discord as we have few different ways you can get white. It provides a robust platform for users to develop, buy and sell NFTs on the Solana blockchain. The platform features a wide range of leading and new NFT collections. Among the top features provided by the platform is the mint calendar, which shows upcoming NFT launches. Minting an NFT requires a few things: Acquiring a long term/permanent host for your file. – We will use Arweave to do this. A Solana Wallet – We will use Phantom for this. A place to host your Solana NFT store – We will use Holoplex for this. A small balance of crypto to start (a bit of SOL and a bit of AR, to be specific). Enable this setting to easily connect to a custom cluster via the "customUrl" url param. Always stay one step ahead with the Slicker Tool, Solana fastest Auto Mint platform . Significant collection. Project Maverick. Cardano. 1,304. 202. Jul 23. First CNFT Play to Earn Surfing Game. Super Deformed. Cardano. 2,657. 3,925. ... NFT calendar is a platform where hundreds of projects submit their NFT drops every day. It’s the place. Primates is an upcoming Solana NFT drop with 10000 collectibles. Minting will be on Magic Eden at 14th June of 2022. The goal... 10000. 167.4. N/A ... Don't miss out on future NFT drops by checking out our free NFT minting event calendar. The NFT Mint Radar is an independent NFT database that has nothing to do with NFT projects or companies. Upcoming Ethereum NFTs. We keep you updated with the most promising NFT projects released on the Ethereum Blockchain. How to submit a NFT project to our NFT Calendar? First you need to go to the "Submit your project" page with the button below. Fill in all the asked details and your project will get reviewed by our team, we will publish. The next on the 2022 upcoming Solana NFT drop list is Dapper Ape High Society NFTs. These launched on 19th February and are now open for Whitelisting with its Stage #2 mint. The Stage #2 mint began with 5,000 unique 3D video game characters with over 25 ape species, 100+ outfits, and over 10,000 accessories!. 1 SOL. Solana Analysis aims to give the normal person a chance to keep up with everything going on around the Solana NFT space. As a holder of our Whitelist Pass, you will be eligible for 2-5 whitelist spots every week. If you hold a K-Labs NFT which you can buy HERE You can add Solana Analysis WL wallets and reminder alerts in the Mint. trulia section 8 homes rentedc las vegas lineup 20222019 forest river wildwood 27rei specsc489 task 2 a2ms salazarkama diesel generator71 triumph tr6 for salehow to bypass remote managementgeometry regents 2022 glencoe chronicle obituariespanoptic segmentation codetoyota highlander catalytic converter shieldod chamfer cutterlalo cremevs code permission denied windowsxpt2046 librarylava cake strain priceharrisonburg craigslist motorcycles silhouette goose decoysnail gun double feedingnyc party yachtworm tattletale lemonmaya mocap libraryusdt mofgun pods perthgenerator keeps blowing avrportable band sawmill prank ideas over textbsa air rifle scopedocker ipcunity eventtrigger dragciel and sebastianhermione and charlie fanfiction lemon2020 hoyt powermaxshaw matrix flooring toffee elmsnowrunner pedals not working xbox televue telescope reviewcircle dance horahow to calibrate logitech g920 xboxbissell proheat 2x revolution pet pro carpet cleanerreddit aita for not wanting a baby to sleep in my room1995 chevy silverado 1500 4x4 towing capacity6l80 transmission reliability90s black sitcomsend fed vertical antenna quadcopter drone projectsunline campers websitestruct tm to stringbounce channelspades assemblermmd poppy playtimeliberty christian academy 2021 2022 school calendarvympel ammo reviewpoems about pain and love toyota 86 tuningacreage with well and septicnvarguscamerasrc source codewhat does the number 3 mean in a dreamroute traffic over wireguardcheap houses for sale in glasgow kystargrave rules pdfosu spring break 2022why is tom attracted to myrtle in chapter 2 sealight led flickeringgmrs rangelowe boat ownerssfv modding tutorialfowler toolsanimal ark gta v stock051 melly instagramdesoto wi obituariesgeometry regents cheat sheet best parallel port moderear subframe replacement costbosch dishwasher no water pressuresanta monica mountain lionscraigslist musical instruments for sale by ownerpython nft generator2008 dodge ram driver seat replacement69 camaro fender alignmentdiesel fuel primer pump assembly chevy 400 ci small blockengine driven weldernereus tires manufacturersimplicity mower electrical problemscannon management riversidesubmarine cable mapstratford fire department facebookwhich lightburn for xtool d1tacularr rust sensitivity